We have built a number of toolkits to provide an easily accessible, digital one-stop-shop for resources, links and information. Click below to start accessing the resources. 

Leadership toolkits

Aspire toolkit

    This toolkit has been developed specifically for leaders who experience additional challenges and adversity in their progression as a leader. The toolkit provides access to resources which will help you to develop your resilience and resourcefulness as a leader, helping you to fully maximise career-enhancing opportunities.

Leadership for everyone toolkit

    This toolkit provides an introduction to essential leadership skillsets that applies to everyone regardless of rank or grade. The toolkit will provide the knowledge and understanding of fundamental areas of Leadership as you begin your development as a leader.

First line leaders toolkit

    This toolkit provides resources for those who are about to step into a supervisor role for the first time or who have recently taken on this responsibility. The toolkit specifically provides: An introduction to essential leadership skillsets for those managing teams and individuals for the first time; and support, information hints and tips on leading and working remotely.

Middle leaders toolkit

    This toolkit is for leaders who are stepping up into middle leadership positions for the first time. The resources will provide support and development to help you provide leadership to departments, teams and strategic projects with confidence.

Superintendents toolkit

    The Superintendents toolkit has been developed in collaboration with Police Superintendents Association. The toolkit has been designed to support Superintendents and Chief Superintendents in their decision making by providing accessible and clear guidance on responsibilities, powers and authorities that lie within the scope of their role. The content of the toolkit should also serve to support newly promoted or temporarily promoted Superintendents who require an efficient means of understanding the additional operational powers and procedures of the role.

Supportive skillsets

Study skills toolkit

    This toolkit will support you in preparation for and progression through your independent study and research including support in academic writing and presentation skills.

Coaching and mentoring toolkit

    This toolkit introduces basic principles and models of coaching if you are new to coaching either as a coach or a coachee.